At Alpine Foreign Repair we want to let our customers know that as an essential business serving our community we will remain open. We are dilligently working hard to ensure our shop is santized at all times.
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Alpine Foreign Repair Co-Owners Joe Bonham and Wendell Lee met almost 40 years ago when both worked as young service technicians at Dave Strong Audi.  After several successful years and numerous awards and certifications later, Joe and Wendell opened their own full-service auto repair and maintenance shop – Alpine Foreign Repair. 

While the German engineering and innovation that drive the Audi and Volkswagen luxury brands have vastly changed, Joe and Wendell haven’t.  Sure, they stay relevant with up-to-date certifications and the latest in diagnostic technology.  Yet they are the same honest and hard-working men today as they were 40 years ago (now they’re just smarter and have a few more gray hairs).


warranty.pngAlpine Foreign Repair has earned an honorable reputation by establishing and maintaining the highest standards for Audi and Volkswagen automotive repair and maintenance services in Utah.  A commitment to both quality and clear communication is the cornerstone our success. We communicate with you every step of the way to ensure you are satisfied with your service and confident your Audi or Volkswagen is getting the proper attention it deserves.  Maybe it’s the trained personnel and the latest in diagnostic equipment, maybe it’s the proven record of reliability, but one thing is certain – Alpine Foreign Repair is the mechanic shop the other mechanic shops turn to when they need help with their tough cases. 

Steve, Technician
Wendell, Co-Owner
Matt, Technician
Joe, Co-Owner